Facebook Debuts its Portal Hardware

Facebook Debuts its Portal Hardware 1

With the increasing popularity of Facebook and despite all the problems that come across the viral socializing platform, it appears that the website developers are more willing than ever to take a step forward and introduce new products and services to the huge base of the Facebook users across the globe. As a result, Facebook developers launched in the past days the brand new “Facebook Portal” which can be best described as a video-based smartphone that functions through the Facebook messenger. The launch of the “Facebook Portal” comes indeed in a critical time as Facebook as a socializing platform is facing a lot of criticism and accusations of compromising the privacy of the users for the sake of collecting data and specific information.

The idea of introducing its own hardware has always been a goal of the Facebook owners – especially Mark Zuckerberg – and despite that they’ve tried to evade releasing any sort of a Facebook hardware in the past years for the competition won’t be fair, this year brings the Facebook audience the Portal which is considered to be the initial step towards achieving the primal purpose of building a hardware sector at the Facebook company.

However, the brand new Portal by Facebook is manufactured to make video chatting more easy than other options as the camera of the device will be enabled to identify the user’s body and move along with it across the room. It’s definitely easier to have a camera walking around with the user instead of having to hold up the phone for too long and not being able to move and do another thing whilst chatting.

Facebook officials stated that the new Portal is designed specifically to conform to the moves of the user’s body and thus he won’t need to worry about holding up the camera or the right angles whilst chatting. Once the Portal is initiated, it automatically identifies the user – or users – in the room and starts moving along in order to keep the person in frame; and if there happens to be more than one person, the camera of the Portal uses a wide-angled mode in order to fit every one in the chatting session.

The initial reviews to the “Facebook Portal” were decently good ones since the device has proved its functionality and did ease the video chatting sessions. Yet, the fact that Facebook is the manufacturing company of the Portal can’t be wiped off the minds of the users. And as Facebook is always in the spotlight when it comes to the privacy standards and protection of the users’ personal information, many parties oppose the idea of having an ongoing online camera and michprone represented in the “Facebook Portal” to spy on the users in their supposedly safe havens: their houses.

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