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It is an app/software created by Facebook. Facebook is a billion dollar Information Technology Company. Facebook launched messenger in August 2011. It is an app for communication. Facebook messenger is the part of Facebook. Mark Zuckberg is the owner of Facebook who is multi billionaire and comes in top five richest man in the world.

Facebook Messenger is download by more than 1 billion users. There is an approximate that it is used by 1.3 billion users every month.

Things you do not know about Facebook messenger?

Facebook messenger is used by everyone. It uses for personal communication as well for business communication. It is a communication app for daily life.  Here I will tell you the 4 things you don’t know about Facebook messenger:

  • Sending and Receiving Money.

In today’s life everything become so easy that on one click you can dispatch money and get paid from anywhere. It can be used for sending money to someone and also to receive. I will tell you how can you send and receive money. First go to your profile than go to payment option and add your debit card. After that sign in to chat and click the button left and enter the amount that you should have to send or receive. It is so simple and easy.

  • Book an Events, Flights, Football matches, Hotels and much more.

This app is an opportunity for you. It allows to do everything which not others apps allow to do. You can book a flight, hotel for night stay, football matches and so on. Don’t take this app so easy. You don’t know what this app can do for you. It solves your all problems, a person face problems in day to day life. It is not only communication but it also make your life much simplier.

  • Make a video and voice call.

Facebook messenger allows you to do a voice and video calls for free, you don’t have to use charged apps. Use Facebook messenger to make a video call or voice because it is free. Facebook messenger is fully free grab the opportunity before others. You only need Wi-Fi or data connection to use Facebook messenger. It can connect all in one video call. It is better than Skype.

  • Playing Games.

It is best for playing games. You can play any game on it. Even you can play with your friends using Facebook messenger. It is better than other gaming apps. Facebook messenger is also working to make better gaming features in app.

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